Intensive Night Complex QED

R 190.00

Intensive Night Complex - 50ml

At night, activity of cells increases, dividing and disposing of toxic substances, thereby requiring essential vitamins and nourishment. This soft cream-gel formulated with key active ingredients has excellent anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties, interacting with proteins in the skin to improve the structure and visibly reduce wrinkles, whilst inhibiting muscle contraction and relaxing facial muscles, decreasing the depth of wrinkles leaving the skin smooth and firm. Preventing skin sagging by boosting hyaluronan contents in the skin resulting in a visible remodeling effect and boosting proteins, increasing elasticity, and firmness. All of these key active ingredients provide rich and essential nutrients which are fast-acting, long-lasting, and beneficial so that skin looks and feels younger within weeks.

Application: Use at night after Cleansing and Toning. Gently massage using upward strokes over face and neck areas.

The Red Palm Oil which is used in these products is SUSTAINABLE i.e. when harvesting the Red Palm Oil, no plant is killed, these plants will reproduce again, so there is no depletion of natural resources.

Red Palm Oil… originates from the tropical palm (Elaesis Guineensis) and dates back 5000 years. Virgin Palm Oil contains Tocopherols and Beta-carotene, excellent natural anti-oxidants. Further extraction yields four unique Tocotrienols  Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta homologues which are biologically classified as the most active Vitamin E anti-oxidants. Extensive research demonstrates that in combination tocopherols and tocotrienols significantly enhance regeneration of skin tissue.